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General Questions

How do PicDial CallerID Photos work?

PicDial links your contacts to Facebook or MySpace friends and brings their profile pictures and statuses to your phone for use as CallerID. It also lets you choose your own PicDial CallerID Photo other PicDial users see when you call them. This can be your Facebook or MySpace photo or a snapshot from your phone, and you can change it anytime you want.

What is a “PicDial friend”?

PicDial friends are your contacts who also use PicDial.

Can I see my friends pictures if they don't use PicDial?

Yes, if you have them in your phone's address book, you will see their picture AND status updates. However, if they get PicDial they will automatically see your callerID photo and status updates on their phone too.

Does PicDial get friend pictures from more than one social network?

Yes, PicDial links contacts to profile pictures and statuses from Facebook, MySpace, and soon other social networks. It always grabs the last posted picture and status that can be matched to your contact, which means sometimes you may see a picture from one network and sometimes from another. You will see whichever one your contact updated most recently.

Do you plan on adding other social networks in the future?

Yes. We currently support Facebook and MySpace, and will be including others in the near future.

How do I get PicDial?

PicDial Setup is very easy. Just go to the “Get PicDial” page and a link will be sent to your phone for download. If your phone is unsupported at this time you will be notified when it is added.

What carriers and phones are supported?

PicDial works with most US carriers and a few foreign carriers as well, supporting a wide range of phones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and many other Feature phones plus several basic model devices.

PicDial Setup

Selecting friends to add to the Favorites Screen

On most phones the setup will ask you to select your favorite contacts for addition to the Favorites Screen. These will be displayed with names and statuses after the server finds them. It may take some time to make all the matches the first time, but is very fast thereafter.

Choose some contacts to share your PicDial callerID photo and status with

PicDial setup asks you to select some contacts you'd like to share your callerID Picture and Status with. Doing so will send a text message to those contacts inviting them to try PicDial so they can see your callerID Photo and status also. This text message is sent at no charge to you.

Favorites Screen

What is the Favorites Screen?

The Favorites screen functions as a “speed dialer” with pictures, and also shows you at a glance your contacts latest status updates. PicDial keeps your contacts' pictures and statuses always up to date. There is no better way to see what they're doing across multiple networks, plus it’s fun and simple to use.

Can I replace, edit or remove friends from the Favorites Screen?

Yes. You may change them at anytime.

How often will my Favorites Screen update?

Your Favorites will update as often as you like.

Use Sync Settings to change the frequency.

I added a friend to the Favorites Screen but they have no picture, what do I do?

If your contact info does not include a last name, or an email, adding those will greatly help PicDial servers find the proper match. On some devices you can also use Fix Picture to manually match them to a social network friend. Or, use the Search for Picture menu item on your phone or the PicDial website at “My PicDial”.

NOTE: If your contact uses PicDial, they may set their own callerID photo to something other than their Facebook or MySpace profile picture, in which case you will see what they have chosen rather than what's on Facebook or MySpace.

Profile Picture / Status Message

If I take a picture with my phone, will this change my Facebook / MySpace profile picture?

No. This picture will be seen by your contacts who use PicDial, but will not update your Facebook / MySpace profile picture.

If I update my status with my phone, will this change my Facebook / MySpace status?

Yes updating your status from your phone is a simple way to update your status message on all the social networks you have linked to PicDial.

If I change my status online, will this update to my friends’ phones?

Yes, if they are PicDial users they will get your latest status updates.

Can I change the picture my friends see?

Yes. My Picture allows you to set the picture other PicDial users will see if they have you in their address book. You may set it so they always see your latest Facebook or MySpace profile picture, or a single photo you select from your phone that remains until you update it again within PicDial.

PicDial is the world’s first service to make your phones address book socially aware. This mobile phone application, available across multiple platforms, has combined dynamic picture caller ID and social media status updates to make the users’ phone come to life.

With PicDial, users experience full screen Facebook and MySpace profile pictures and status messages of contacts on ones cell phone during every call.

With no effort required, PicDial automatically retrieves these social networking elements and constantly updates any profile picture or status message changes that friends of the caller may make. PicDial also lets you choose the Caller ID photo others see when you call them. Select a photo from your cell phone, or have it updated whenever you change your social profile picture.

The app’s Favorites Screen provides photo dialing for your closest friends, letting you call or text by tapping a friend's picture. These images are dynamically updated from your favorite social media sites, so you can see what your friends are doing at a glance.

Back Up: Once you have PicDial setup on your mobile phone, all of your contacts are securely backed-up on PicDial servers. If you lose your cell phone or lose your contacts in any way, they can be securely accessible via the PicDial website.

Created and developed by IQzone Inc., PicDial is one of the most universal mobile applications in the world, as it is offered by AT&T Mobility, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Sprint, Boost Mobile, Cellular South, Cellcom, Centennial Wireless, Cincinnati Bell, nTelos, US Cellular, and nearly every other major wireless carrier in the United States. PicDial works on smartphones such as iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian, Windows Mobile, and also phones manufactured by Apple, Google, HTC, Research In Motion (RIM), Samsung, Nokia, LG, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, and Pantech. PicDial is also located in various app stores including the iPhone App Store, Blackberry App World, Android Market, VCast App Store, GetJar, and Mobango.